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1145314.jpg?1354048971860      Pundit Vimal Maharaj is only 33 Years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                               Hindu Priest for ALL ceremonies in English 973 778 3117

Shri Vimal Maharaj - 33 years old Registered Professional licensed Indian priest is available full time for your wedding ceremony in English. I explain all Sanskrit Slokes with meanings in English. All Weddings are done with details translations in English, so the non-Indian audience could understand every part of the ceremony.

Please call 973 778 3117 or  to see my one page portfolio.........

Shri Vimal Maharaj, a Hindu priest is available full time for all religious ceremonies in English. will explain all Sanskrit Slokes with detail meanings in English. He has performed inter-faith by working with Rabbis, Ministers, Imams, and other religious figures to perform Interfaith weddings. Please call 973 778 3117 for a meeting. All weddings are done with details translations in English, so the non-Indian audience could understand every part of the ceremony.

Shri Vimal Maharaj has performed destination weddings in Aruba, Cancun, Jamaica, Bahamas, Curacao, Belize,Columbia,Shannon, Ireland, Hawaii and on a Princess Cruise Lines. He has performed ceremonies at a mayor's office and for the house of congress.

The priest is only 33 years old!!!!!

Please visit to see my pictures.!!!!!!

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I’m glad to meet with you at a mutually convenient time and location for a no obligation, consultation.

Getting married?

Doing puja/prayer? call 973 778 3117

For performing your marriage ceremony in traditional Hindu Arya Samaj, Santatan Dharma or Jain style, for people from all regions of India in Sanskrit, Hindi, Guajarati or English contact Mr. Raval.

Mr. Raval will also perform Satyanarayan puja (for peace, prosperity, health and happiness) Griha Pravesh (when buying a new home or business), havan(fire sacrifice) and Shantipath ceremonies, funeral and Shraddha services.

Mr. Raval has prayed for families on life support at home and in hospitals and in prison on death row. he has been serving the indo-American families.!!!!

He will be glad to travel.

----has performed puja for the local mayor at the city hall
---- has performed puja for the senator of new jersey as well as members of congress
Shri Vimal Maharaj 973-778-3117

Your wedding is a special once-in-a-lifetime event and I will do my utmost to ensure that together, we can capture all your ideas and desires for this most memorable day.

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Why should you select ME?

1. Gurukul trained and experienced Arya Samaji.
2. Speak clear English and explain frequently.
3. Have a great connection with younger generation provide frequent explanations.
4. Can tailor your individual needs upon request; very flexible.
5. Can supply the ceremonial items.
6. Has Been working with the Indian community for a long time
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